Introducing our Chief Wellness Officer

The Oberg Law Group wanted to take a minute to introduce our Chief Wellness Officer, Sophie.

Sophie was born and raised in Agoura Hills until she found herself at the Agoura Animal Care Center (“ACC”) when she was seven. Fortunately for Sophie, this is the shelter where Madison volunteers and they hit it off right away.

During Sophie’s stay at the ACC she was adopted not once, but twice. Both times Sophie was returned the same weekend for being “destructive.” (Further questioning by shelter staff revealed that the families both left her alone in their apartments shortly after adopting her, which caused her to experience debilitating separation anxiety).

As fate would have it, when Sophie was returned again when the Obergs were in the market for a pup. Madison knew that as a “pit bull type” breed, particularly one that had been returned twice, and due to her age, the odds were not in favor of Sophie finding her “forever home.” So, Madison immediately brought the family in to meet Sophie. Needless to say, it only took a few minutes for Sophie to convince David that she was the “one.”

Three years later, Sophie has transitioned quite seamlessly into the Oberg family. She is goofy, smart, sassy, and a little spastic, but she is also a tremendously hard worker (if you listen closely during conference calls you can likely hear the sweet sound of her snores!).

Sophie loves long walks, snuggles, hotel stays, fuzzy blankets, chicken, and kisses.  You can also follow her on instagram here.

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