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15 Jul

Ethics Lesson: Watch Your Mouth

Today’s ethics lesson comes from San Diego, where a judge reported an attorney to the State Bar Disciplinary Committee for a “serious covert insult” directed towards opposing counsel. The statement at issue was made during a trial, where the disciplined attorney (a man) made the following statement on the record to opposing counsel (both women):

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15 May

Ethics Lesson: Think Before You Vent

Today’s ethics lesson comes from New Jersey, where a judge is subject to an ethics complaint (“Complaint”) due to several instances in which he claimed to have no knowledge of the law or the cases before him. The judge had been assigned to the family law division one day per week from April 10, 2021

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15 Apr

Click with Caution

As you browse a website, be cautious before you click on the user agreement; you might not even realize you are entering into an enforceable contract.  This issue was recently addressed by a California appellate court in B.D., a Minor, etc., et. al. v. Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. In Blizzard, a dispute arose between a “user”

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15 Feb

Teaching an Old Lawyer New Tricks

As managing partner of Oberg Law Group, digitizing our office has been a case of teaching an old dog new tricks—successfully. I (David) needed to take my firm digital and found out that many things are more efficient. Others I’ve chosen to keep old-school because that’s the way my brain is wired. I started practicing

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15 Jan

When is Imitation No Longer Flattering?

As children, we learned that plagiarism is a big “no, no.”  As lawyers, we learned that reinventing the wheel is a waste of precious time and resources.  Our clients often come to us with a set of terms and conditions or simple contracts that they have pieced together from information that they downloaded from the

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15 Dec

Ethics Lesson: Keep Your Pants on in Court

Today’s ethics lesson comes from Pennsylvania, where an attorney was charged with disorderly conduct after he removed his pants in the courthouse. While trying to make his way through security, the attorney’s suspenders repeatedly set off the metal detector.  Apparently, the attorney requested that the security guards use the metal detecting wand, but the security

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15 Nov

Business Basics: Shutting it Down

Whether it has become impracticable to continue operating, or you are simply ready to move on with your life, there comes a time in many businesses where it is time to shut it down.  Terminating a business can be just as exciting and stressful as starting one; the key is understanding your options. There are

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15 Oct

Ethics Lesson: Watch Your Back

Today’s ethics lesson is brought to us from the east coast, where the office operations manager at a big law firm plead guilty to embezzling $425,000 from the firm. The manager apparently used a fake social security number and false paperwork to apply for the job because at the time he started to work at

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15 Sep

Business Basics: Where do I Start?

Several clients or potential clients will tell us they want to start a business, but do not know where to begin.  Here is a general overview of things you should consider when starting a business. Forming a Business At a basic level, a business need not be a corporation or an LLC to exist; there

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15 Jul

Business Basics: Pick Your Partners Wisely

You will often hear us compare a business relationship to that of a marriage – the fact is, as business professionals we sometimes spend more time with our coworkers than we do our own families.  So, when it comes time to start your own business venture, you want to make sure you are being extremely

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