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Sophie, white pit bull - Oberg Law Group APC
27 Jul

Introducing our Chief Wellness Officer

The Oberg Law Group wanted to take a minute to introduce our Chief Wellness Officer, Sophie. Sophie was born and raised in Agoura Hills until she found herself at the Agoura Animal Care Center (“ACC”) when she was seven. Fortunately for Sophie, this is the shelter where Madison volunteers and they hit it off right

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15 Jun

Ethics Lesson: Don’t Call Opposing Counsel the C-Word

Today’s Ethics Lesson comes from New York, where we are reminded that you should not call opposing counsel the C-word. Paul Senzer was a private attorney, and for 26 years he also served as a part-time Justice of the Northport Village Court in Suffolk County. However, that judicial appointment came to an end on June

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Therapy dog wearing a therapy vest - Oberg Law APC Allergies vs Mental Wellness Blog Post
15 May

Allergies vs. Mental Wellness – How do You Choose?

The Iowa Supreme Court recently found itself dealing with competing wellness issues between a tenant’s need for an emotional support animal (“ESA”) and a prior tenant’s allergies. On June 30, 2020, the Court held that a landlord should not have waived its “no pet” policy to accommodate for a “new” tenant’s ESA because an existing

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17 Mar

Why it is important to keep a corporate minute book

You made the decision to form an entity to help “limit” your personal liability, so take the time to maintain the entity and keep corporate records.  Here is an interesting article that discusses the importance for maintaining the corporate minute book.  Click here to read more.

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Posterized image of two men shaking hands in an office - Oberg Law Group APC
20 Oct

Top Five Business Partners To Avoid, and Why

I often say that going into business with someone else is just like getting married.  Here is an interesting article about the Top Five Business Partners To Avoid, and why. If you are thinking about starting a new business or have questions about entity formation, please contact me.

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Front steps of a courthouse - Oberg Law Group APC
20 Aug

United State Supreme Court Justices

Which law school has the most Justices on the United States Supreme Court? Harvard with 5.  Here is a quick summary/biography for each of the Justices who are currently appointed to the Court.

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