About Mia

Mia is the Wellness Manager at Oberg Law Group, A.P.C.Mia, tan German Shepard - Oberg Law Group APC

As the newest member of the team, Mia works closely with Sophie, the Chief Wellness Officer, to ensure employee wellness, professional fulfilment, and client satisfaction.  In addition to supporting Sophie, Mia works hard to promote a firm-wide culture of wellness by encouraging frequent walks, snacks, play breaks, and belly rubs.

Mia was confiscated by animal control, with 23 other dogs, from a property where they were neglected without shade, food, or water.  Fortunately, a private rescue, Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, pulled Mia from the San Bernardino City Shelter and immediately got her into a warm, loving foster home.  Since being adopted by Madison, Mia has continued to come out of her shell and has started to lean in to her playful, cuddly side.

When Mia is not working hard to support the Oberg Law Group, she loves long walks, long naps, agility training, and watching food TV.  Mia is still shy in new places and around new people, but she is slowly becoming a dog park celebrity.

Mia and the Oberg Law Group team cannot stress the importance of adopting and not shopping!  You can check out the current residents at the LA County shelters using this link.

Mia, tan German Shepard - Oberg Law Group APCMia, tan German Shepard - Oberg Law Group APCMia, tan German Shepard - Oberg Law Group APC