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17 Mar

Why it is important to keep a corporate minute book

You made the decision to form an entity to help “limit” your personal liability, so take the time to maintain the entity and keep corporate records.  Here is an interesting article that discusses the importance for maintaining the corporate minute book.  Click here to read more.

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20 Oct

Top Five Business Partners To Avoid, and Why

I often say that going into business with someone else is just like getting married.  Here is an interesting article about the Top Five Business Partners To Avoid, and why. If you are thinking about starting a new business or have questions about entity formation, please contact me.

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20 Sep

Scam Letter Reported by the Secretary of the State

Be aware that a scam letter which looks like it was sent from the California Secretary of State is being circulated to California corporations, and those doing business in California. The letter requests that the entity pay $49.50 to obtain a “certificate of status.”  However, the payment request is a scam because no corporation

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20 Aug

United State Supreme Court Justices

Which law school has the most Justices on the United States Supreme Court? Harvard with 5.  Here is a quick summary/biography for each of the Justices who are currently appointed to the Court.

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